1st Quarterly Meeting

We held our first member meeting on the 8th and it was a success!  We had over 40 Appraisers in attendance.  The meeting was held during lunch, between the 1016-17 USPAP update CE course.  We currently have 82 members in the UAU.  It is growing fast.  Appraisers are catching on nationwide to the importance of banding together to help each other protect the profession.

During the meeting we went over the UAU's objectives for 2016, some brief history of the UAU, what is currently going on at the state level in regards to appraiser related legislation, the current finances of the UAU, and held member elections. 

The following individuals were elected:
President- Matt Frentheway
Past President- Jake Parkinson
President Elect- TBD
Secretary- Yvette Visser
Treasurer- Vern Meyer
Member at Large- Kris Coleman
Member at Large- Joel Frost
Member at Large- Mike Carter
Member at Large- Jeremy Manning

We would like to thank these board members for volunteering their time and energy to help Appraisers across Utah.  All in all, it was a great turnout and the members were positive and excited to be part of this coalition for Utah Appraisers. We look forward to a great year for Appraisers in Utah!

For those of you that attended the CE, and did not get a hard copy of the manual, and want one, please contact Vern Meyer.  He can be reached atvmeyer@accurityvaluation.com.  Your CE included either a copy of the electronic version or the hard copy version. You can have both if you like, but this will require an additional fee.

If you attended and would like the electronic version, please also contact Vern. If you already have the hardcopy, the electronic version can also be provided to you for an additional fee.

****We want to make sure everyone receives their own copy, so please let Vern know by 12 PM this Friday the 15th of January.  This is the deadline so that Vern can order the correct number of manuals.


On January 29th the UAU held the largest USPAP class in the history of our organization. Forty professionals from Iron County to Cache County attended. It was the largest USPAP course Ron Smith has ever taught.  

The new UAD requirements

Appraisers, at our last quarterly meeting we had a CE course taught by yours truly. The CE class was supposed to address, in depth, the new UAD requirements. I was a little long winded, and I only had about 5 minutes for the UAD updates. 

So what I have done is I have shared that portion of my slide show online for you to review. CLICK HERE to view the slideshow online. 

The form-filling software providers have all taken it to task to make the new requirements as easy as possible, as you might have already noticed. Contact your software provider for more information, or try downloading the most recent updates for your software. 

Happy New Year! I have my opinions about what 2014 might bring, but I hope that whatever happens the UAU will help each of us connect, have a united voice, and help us all be better appraisers. 

Thank you for your support!


Fannie-Mae to create its own "Black List"

In January Fannie and Freddie, the same entities that brought you the UCDP, have plans to use that online portal to start "grading" appraisers. We don't need to tell you that this will be of significant importance to all appraisers. 

The GSEs are planning on using data gathered through their UCDP to identify "problem appraisers" and either provide an opportunity to fix the problem, and possibly even exclude appraisers from performing work for the GSEs. As you can imagine, an appraiser placed on the Fannie/Freddie black list will have very limited work options from that point forward. 

Examples for what they will be looking for:

  • An appraiser turned in a report using a comp with 2300 SQFT that sold for $400k. In 10 other reports the appraiser reported 2100 SQFT with a sales price of $375k. 
  • Inconsistent C and Q ratings: Appraisers have been using the same comparable sales in multiple reports with differing C and Q ratings. 

In short, they will be creating a list of appraisers who are inconsistent, or who have problems in general. This list should be available to everyone. 

Stay tuned for more information about the GSE Black List as it is made available. 

CLICK HERE to read the latest release about the upcoming fannie mae exclusionary list


How does the future look for appraising?

I was at an instructor workshop put on by the Division of Real Estate a couple of weeks back when this information was presented.

The slide states:

- 4% of appraisers leaving the profession annually

- 1% of appraisers are entering the profession annually

What do you think this means to you?

Me? I want to be ready for the changes we all see coming.

Future Looks.jpg

Welcome to the new website!

I am excited to show you the new website!

Jake and I (mostly Jake) have spent some time putting this site together. All new content and a lot more functionality from our last site. 

Our new site has a blog for the board to keep everyone to stay up to date on UAU activity and involvement. Our board members will be posting meeting notes, activity envolvement, comments and photos from our events, interesting articles, and more!

You can pay your dues online now! Not only that, but classes and other events that require a payment will also all be online. Please remember that for members most events have not cost. Only the events that actually cost us money to produce, like a USPAP course with the books. 

We will be able to share helpful industry links to everyone, and coordinate information that will help all our members be better appraisers. 

First blog post.... CHECK!