The new UAD requirements

Appraisers, at our last quarterly meeting we had a CE course taught by yours truly. The CE class was supposed to address, in depth, the new UAD requirements. I was a little long winded, and I only had about 5 minutes for the UAD updates. 

So what I have done is I have shared that portion of my slide show online for you to review. CLICK HERE to view the slideshow online. 

The form-filling software providers have all taken it to task to make the new requirements as easy as possible, as you might have already noticed. Contact your software provider for more information, or try downloading the most recent updates for your software. 

Happy New Year! I have my opinions about what 2014 might bring, but I hope that whatever happens the UAU will help each of us connect, have a united voice, and help us all be better appraisers. 

Thank you for your support!